Mar. 1st, 2011

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I was hoping to not have to make a post like this anytime soon, but I suppose I must, if I value my LJ Idol rear. I'm hurtin' pretty bad in the poll and have a good chance of getting voted off without a little more love.

So I ask you if you like to read my entry for the week, it's a rewrite of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, which if you haven't read the original, you should :).

If you like it (and I hope you do! I enjoyed writing it!), head over to the poll for the week, click that little check box by my name, and hit the submit button. Voting for me encourages me to write more, which may or may not be motivation for you to help out.

DW users, you can vote too even if you don't have a LJ account - use your OpenID to sign in over there and it works just fine too.

(I was hoping I could go longer without making such a request of my friends here... but this was inevitable.)

Music choice here is regretfully honest. Faily as it is, I have this eye of glamour to it all and choose to delude myself into thinking that such descriptions are a fictionalized archetype, with full consent and lots of glamour for everyone involved. Sadly the world doesn't work like this, but I like my fantasy.

Now, off to get some stuff around in hopes of getting passport applications submitted today.


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