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This is a sequel to my original Suicide Kings story.

The Revenge of the Suicide Kings

Please? Pretty please?

I'm really not comfortable with this.

Ok. I understand. Maybe... take a picture and send it to me?

I know what happens with those.

I promise you, I would never do that. No matter what happens to us, I couldn't.

Is this the only way you'll drop it?

Do you trust me?


The snickering followed her all morning. She had absolutely no idea what it was about. The girls were whispering about her skin tone. The boys were whispering about her personal grooming. Later that day a friend showed her what happened. It was the picture. She'd forgotten all about it - most of a year had gone by and the flame with Andy more than cold. They were even friends, or so she thought!

She crossed paths with Andy in the hall and mustering the most angry face she could dragged him into an empty classroom. He told her his cell phone was stolen. A likely story, she thought.


"In other news, a nude picture of a girl at Steven Melville Middle School was found circulating on cell phones among the school. A preliminary investigation has led to the arrest of four teenagers..." The TV went on and on.

Her dad looked down at a letter the school had mailed. He shook his head in disgust. "Well, you asked for it. You should have known better. I'm not punishing you, but I'm not defending you from what may come either."


It was before the opening bell. David heard muffled yelps from the hall near the weight room. He looked closer and saw Aubrey surrounded by four large guys. One of them had his hands down her pants. He instantly knew what was going on - and that he stood no chance to stop it. He hid and listened.

"C'mon, I dare you to stick it in her butt!"

"No way, I'm not like that fuckin' faggot David!"

He ran to the office for help. The vice-principal ushered him in. He explained what he saw. The vice-principal said he would look into this, but quietly, as things like this must be done. David was no fool - he knew nothing would come of this conversation.


"Amy, I don't know what to do." David sobbed, completely shaken.

"Well, that explains her Facebook entry. Give her a card. No, wait. Have Rosalind give her a card. Not a word that we know this. She tells us if and when she wants."

He hugged her. "I couldn't have a better big sister." He prepared a King of Diamonds, with the traditional note: "David's treehouse, 5:30 tonight, bring this."


Aubrey had a stack of cards in her hands that she had no idea what to do with. Amy finally called a point of order. "Have you figured out what we're about yet?"

"What is this game? Why are you here?"

"Because you need us to be here, and because we need you to be here. We're not stupid. We know what that line on your Facebook means."


"I wish that I could be Richard Cory."

Aubrey hung her head in shame, knowing she was figured out.

"David figured out who stole Andy's cell phone. It was Rachel. It's not the first time either."

She sat there, stunned. Rosalind spoke up. "She was the one behind making everyone think I'm a lesbian. That it's true doesn't matter. David and I aren't actually together; we just fake it to get people to shut up." Aubrey started bawling her eyes out. Rosalind held her until she could stop.

David spoke up next. "This won't happen again. We have a plan."


Rosalind sat down with her gym teacher and told her about the pot, and how she didn't want Rachel to get in trouble, but knew Rachel needed help. Ms. K was the only reasonable choice she had, since she was out to her. Ms. K explained she had to tell the vice-principal about it, but she would keep Rosalind's name out of it. Rosalind thanked her, walked out, and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

David had done his part. Before long the police were in the school with a drug-sniffing dog. What he didn't know is the dog had found a "water bottle" in Rachel's gym locker - he'd put the oregano in her other one.


"There's a bottle of vodka and my mom's valium waiting for me at home. I'm so ashamed. I never sent that picture to anyone. It was stolen. I'm not sure who did it, but I found it again the next day in my front yard. But I know you'll never believe me. That doesn't matter. It should have never happened. I should have deleted it. But I can't delete what happened. I can only delete me."

He dropped the note in Aubrey's locker.


Every Suicide King was there that night. Andy presented his membership card. Melissa opened the door and locked it behind him. Aubrey stared into his eyes, already crying. He was the first one ever to immediately realize what the club was about.
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