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Yeah, I need to do it again. I'd really like to not go out of Idol this week. Okay, I'd like to never go out until it's over (let's be honest), but not on this week's writing.

This was an intersection week - my wife and I wrote complementary pieces about the fear-mongering surrounding child protective services and the police. The feedback we've received has been very positive, especially for debunking just how likely it is such people are going to screw with you.

So, I would like to solicit your votes for the poll. I never ask people to vote for my work unless they like it, but people have mentioned to me privately before that they like having a way to support and encourage my writing that doesn't involve commenting. As always, your continued voting keeps me motivated to write!

My entry is here, AJ's entry is here. The poll is here - you know the drill, click those little checkboxes next to our names (for the DW users that aren't familiar, mine is [ profile] ravenshrinkery, hers is [ profile] cheshire23) and hit that submit button. The poll closes at 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon.

I had a massive gutfail today that's pretty much shut me down, complete with a 103.5 fever and uncontrollable chills, along with liquid coming out both ends the violent way. I would really not like to have to add the insult to injury of going out of Idol on top of this!
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