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So... I've decided I'm going to play Season 8. Not an easy thing to decide, as Idol is a lot of work to keep up with, especially the early reading load. I'm going to try to play a more laid back game and just roll with it, probably less with the social interaction than I'd otherwise like, but there's a reason for that, and it's going to considerably affect how I play.

I've decided I'm going pro as a photographer, and I'm starting my own event photography business.

What this means for Idol... I'm going to continue writing my usual mix of entries - fiction and nonfiction, essays, slice-of-life, and serials. I'm sure there will be more Suicide Kings. However I will also be adding photo essays. I'll not be just posting photographs though, even with alt-text - I'm going to be talking about the photographic journey - the process of taking pictures, or processing them in the digital world, the differences from the days of film when I first started, my eye and its interaction with the camera, possibly even some geekery. It all depends on the topics we get. Certainly it won't all be meta - I'll be talking about the subjects too!

Yesterday I had an eye exam and it was such a strange, and yet almost exhilarating feeling to write on the form that my employer was self-employed, and occupation was photographer. There is a liberation to this that I'm not sure I've ever really experienced, and maybe now I know a bit of how [staff profile] denise and [staff profile] mark felt when opening shop at Dreamwidth.
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