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This entry serves as my official declaration of intent to play Season 8 of LJ Idol, as per the rules.

As per my previous post on the subject, I'll be playing a different game than last season, built on a hybrid style of essays and photoessays. I also generally have less time, as I am working on a small business, finishing undergrad this semester (although likely not on time), and trying to maintain some semblance of my domestic duties which isn't going very well at all, despite my girls having full-time daycare available.

I will again be posting from my blogging home, Dreamwidth, and x-posting the entries back to LiveJournal (I am [personal profile] invisionary). Contestants or followers of Idol who substantially use Dreamwidth are welcome to follow me over here and you won't miss a thing. If you don't use Dreamwidth... well, let's just say I believe in Dreamwidth, as I am a staff member and seed account holder, although a fairly inactive one given the ambitious projects in my life lately.

Comments will again be open on both services despite this being intended for LJ - my writing is intended for my audience regardless of where they choose to do their blogging. For me creativity is creativity, regardless of the medium. My writing can only help my photography and vice versa. I placed in the top 40 last season, in my opinion an excellent performance, but I have no expectations for how far I will go this time and honestly don't care, that's not the reason I'm doing this.
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